Finding the Best Price

So I was alittle bit surprised when I talked to friends a few months ago that said that they use Travelocity to book their travel.  Now don’t get me wrong – I don’t have anything against Travelocity.  It’s a fine site.  My shock was in that they weren’t using one of the many search engines that search other search engines for their travel planning.  Why only use one site when with just as much effort you can search like 20 or 30?

So people, please use the following resources when looking for airfare, hotels, rental cars, etc.  They search the other search engines or have some other money saving feature.

1. – this is my go-to site.  Why search expedia, hotels, orbitz, etc.  individually when kayak will do it for you and about two others?  Downside here:  they don’t do  – you must compare.

2.  Mobissimo – Same premise as  Searchs other sites and then you just pick the deal you want and go there through links on their site.

3.  Hotwire – I love hotwire when I need a cheap hotel in the last minute.  I use this all the time for Manhattan hotels.  YOu can hear about the hotel so you know it’s not total trash and get the benefit of cost when you don’t pick it directly.  Only downside – only guarantees 2 people occupancy per room.

4.  VBRO – Vacation rentals by owner – who says you have to stay in a hotel?  Especially when you have a larger group or more than 2 in NYC this is a winner.  Sometimes it’s cheaper than hotels.

5.  Priceline – I know it seems scary – but I’ve used it for hotels and had fabulous results.  I got the Sheraton Manhattan in the heart of Midtown for $80 per night a few years ago.  You can’t beat that.

6.  Travel agents – I know they are a dying breed – but they can come in handy when you are going somewhere unstable or things could change (like southeast asia) you can’t call Expedia and expect them to help you.  But a good travel agent will be much more helpful and accomodating.  One of my travel agents got me an upgraded room at the Peninsula in Bangkok because their agency books so much with them.  It doesn’t cost that much more and sometimes the insurance of a person on the other end makes all the difference.

That’s all I got right now of the top of my head.  But I’ll keep you all posted.


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